A high-class escort builds a really deep and one of a kind connection with her gentlemen clienteles as opposed to providing a service and immediately forgetting him as she moves on to the next client. High-end escorts usually meet lesser dates on a higher price range in order to maintain her freshness and exclusivity, and that is something these gentlemen are looking and paying for. This type of escort is not your typical red-light girl or a prostitute. In this level of the industry, there are some conditions and rules that apply as well as actions needed to be taken by these high-end escorts. Not every woman fits to this elite world nor does every woman has what it takes to become one.


Here are some ways on how you can enable a high-end escort profession.


Have elocution lessons

If you don’t have the benefits of living a privileged life with proper breeding and upbringing, try to attend at least deportment classes at an established deportment school. Even if you think you speak rather well, still include elocution lessons.


See an image consultant

See an image consultant to assess you style and looks to make sure that you’re an elegant and well-bred woman.

Go get your hair and makeup done by a professional and watch how the makeup artist does it. You can also take classes on how to apply elegant and tasteful makeup. You have to learn how to apply a proper, natural looking and fresh-faced makeup.


Indulge in sports and culture

You can also take classes in tennis, swimming, horseback riding, scuba diving, etc. Take a class on art history and appreciation and know something about classical music. This is to make sure that you can cater to gentlemen of this calibre. You have to be more exposed and knowledgeable about high society instead of celebrity gossip and reality shows in order to perform at an elite high-end escort capacity.

Being a well-travelled escort can bring you a wealth of knowledge and experience too. Barcelona escorts are intelligent, beautiful and confident – and the sun plays a big part in feeling better about yourself and getting out there more!

Once you’ve reached a suitable level of refinement, you can now decide whether you will pursue an independent career or work with the right professional high class escort agency. This is where the difficulty lies as there are many pros and cons for both. But if you play your cards right, you can succeed in whatever path you choose.


Independent Escorts

Being independent means you can set your own working time, your price as well as directly select your own clients. But creating a professional image can bend your budget even further with a website and continuous advertising. In addition, you will have no security behind you and negotiating fees can be tremendously condescending. However, you will definitely have full control of your career and won’t have to answer to anyone.


Agency Escorts

With agencies, you will get instant professional promotion as well as an expensive marketing to take advantage of. Normally, you can set your own fee as long as the agency agrees with it. An ideal agency will let you choose your clients. If an agency forces you to meet with people you do not want to meet, stay away from it. A good escort agency will let you have some level of control over your promotion and image and will also provide full training for new escorts.